“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, 

but they will never forget how you made them feel”

At the heart of any growth change lies interaction with people and others.
We tell stories, inform, persuade and inspire.
Interaction builds relationships, and builds 'feelings'
The ability to speak better, provide feedback, and present clearly, persuasively and effectively is a crucial skill to improve communication and relationships – both at work and as individuals.

Through small steps designed to change our beliefs and the application of simple processes - we can all harness our speaking power
Every communication needs 3 key elements
All interactions across public speaking, company presentations, customer interactions, personal experiences and services need 3 elements
Know your audience
Who is your audience? What do they want, what is their problem, and how will you help them feel connected
Your Mindset
How are you showing up?
Your intention, confidence and authenticity.
Your message
What are you saying?
Your key content, structured appropriately, and delivered effectively
What you will learn

Speaking freely in front of a small (or large) amount of people
You need to learn how to manage your fears, expectations, sense of the moment. Our programme will teach you techniques for confidence, content, structure and delivery. Helping to build an exciting story and keep the audience.

Learn methods of influencing your audience
Depending on your goals for your speech, you can control the attention of others with your voice, facial expressions, gestures, tactics. We will teach you how to use different neuroscience based resources to influence the audience.

Improve business skills where work communication delivers better results
In a formal setting - feel more connected in business meetings, when making deals, during interviews, and social networking. Learn to speak confidently, navigate the context quickly, stay concentrated in an unfamiliar situation.

Improve your professional development by improving personal communication
Gain confidence in public speaking, develop communication and language skills. Learn to listen better, use body language and tone. Advance your social skills and improve clarity and persuasion
Speakership Programme
This is a series of course modules that can be done as a complete programme or as individual items allowing you to tailor your training.

Each of the modules are delivered as a 1.5 - 2hr session with prep and post follow up work
1. Introduction course
  • Being authentic,
  • Who is the audience, 
  • Why are you there, 
  • What you do (pitch). 
  • Understanding content and delivery elements

Result: overview to getting a message across and understood
2. Knowing your audience (the why)
  • Clearly understanding why you are there
  • Who is in the room
  • Understanding styles of listening
  • Asking better questions

Result: Clear & directed on who and what is needed to be presented
3. Designing your pitch
  • Customer / problem / solution fit
  • Asking better questions
  • Clear understanding of the customer
  • Clear understanding of the problem
  • Why your solution delivers a solution
  • How you solve challenges/obstacles 
  • How it is delivered

Result: A simple, short, clear & understood proposition
4. Structured, effective content
  • Organisation:
  • Opening line
  • Body and message
  • Effective close
  • Delivery to all learning styles
  • i.e Big picture, Details, What if, Show me
  • Delivery and supporting materials

Result: logical, comprehensive delivery
5. Delivery & Speaking skills
  • Using structure
  • Vocal Variety
  • Body Language
  • Persuasive communication 

Result: structured information delivered well

6. You as a speaker
  • Being authentic
  • Mindset 
  • Building confidence
  • Neurolinguistic tips and tricks

Result: confident, persuasive clear communication
Course Prices

Select individual modules or the full programme

  • Includes workbooks and handouts 
  • Does not include venue hire and any additional requirements and costs
Selected Modules
Select from 1 to as many modules as budget and time permits

$90 - per person/module
Minimum 5 person fee
Join now
Full Programme
All modules across 2 days

Minimum 5 person fee
Save 20%
In a few weeks you will be able to hold a presentation or a meeting on a completely new level. You will be surprised at your capabilities and learn how to effectively achieve this goal
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